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In order to have access to the Self-Registered Access Class, the User must supply all personal details, an e-mail address, a telephone number and the other details as requested. The Legislative Decree, 30th June 2003, no 196 concerning "the protection of persons and other subjects in relation to the use of personal information" states that anybody has a right to the protection of his or her personal data (Clause no. 1), disposing that "the treatment of personal data will be carried out in accordance with the rights, fundamental liberties and dignity of physical persons, with particular reference to confidentiality and personal identity (Clause no. 2)". The personal information gathered shall be used lawfully and correctly in compliance with all legal obligations and with particular reference to the provisions set forth in Clause 11 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03, also ensuring the complete protection of the rights and confidentiality of the User. The data you have provided may be used for commercial purposes, offers and advertising as requested by you and, subject to your consent, to create a profile of purchases and consumption and to carry out market research. Vitale Barberis Canonico S.p.A., Via Diagonale 296, 13835 Pratrivero (BI) is the owner of such information, where it is also possible, upon request, to receive the complete text on data protection as summarised here. Having taken note of the above, I consent to the use of my data for the creation of a profile of purchases and consumption, market research and the mailing of commercial information.